28 New Domain Extensions .es, .us, .it, .pro. Free with Account! Hosting24

Hello Alexis,

Qbolá Hosting Provider Alojamineto Web

Check out these newly added domain extensions!

Best of all, they all come FREE with the accounts on our servers!

image zyro
Here is a full list of newly vailable domain names:

Qbolá Hosting Provider Alojamineto Web

Extension About Price*
.biz For Business Owners Free / $14.88
.ca Canada Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.us United States Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.pro For Business Professionals Free / $14.88
.eu European Union Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.mobi Optimized For Mobile Websites Free / $14.88
.asia Optimized For Asia Region Free / $14.88
.be Belgium Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.ch Switzerland Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.de German Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.dk Denmark Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.es Spain Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.fr France Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.hu Hungary Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.in India Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.it Italy Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.li Liechtenstein Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.name For Personal Websites Free / $14.88
.nl Netherlands Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.pl Poland Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.pm Saint Pierre and Miquelon Free / $14.88
.re Reunion Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.tf French Southern Territories Free / $14.88
.wf Wallis and Futuna Islands Free / $14.88
.yt Mayotte Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.ru Russia Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.se Sweden Domain Extension Free / $14.88

Qbolá Hosting Provider Alojamineto Web

* Each Domain Name can be selected as a free domain name with any hosting package (Silver, Gold, Starter, Business). If you choose to register this domain name separately, the regular price will be applied.

Qbolá Hosting Provider Alojamineto Web

To get started, login to your Members Area.
When logged in, navigate to New Order, you will see the new domains in the domain extension list, available for selection.
image 165
What’s in it for me?
You have more choice. You may register a domain extension specialized for some country, or you can choose a less known extension but a prettier keyword (for example personaltrainer.com is taken, but personaltrainer.pm is available).
It all comes down to your personal preference, we at Hosting24.com just want to give you more freedom of choice.


Qbolá Hosting Provider Alojamineto Web


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